Frequently asked Questions

What services are offered by the Portland Jewish Funeral Home?

The Jewish Funeral Home arranges funeral services from the Levey Chapel, or from any synagogue or temple and can also facilitate the transportation of the decedent for the purposes of burial to anywhere in the world.

Does the Jewish Funeral Home provide cremations?

While recognizing that cremation is contrary to Jewish law, we understand that it may be a choice of some individuals. We feel a responsibility and obligation to assist Jewish families in their time of need as best we can. The Portland Jewish Funeral will assist families who desire cremation by referring them to another funeral home.

Are there visitation hours?

There are no visitation hours before a Jewish funeral; instead, there is a period of  mourning known as Shiva when one visits the bereaved family to express condolences. Information regarding the time and location of the Shiva will be announced at the funeral and printed in the obituary.

Is it possible to prearrange a funeral?

Please visit the section of our website on prearranging funerals